Q: How should I store the Tea globes?

A: The Tea globes should be kept covered and stored in a cool/dry place. If they are exposed to humidity or air for long periods of time the sugar might change consistency. 
Q: How long is the shelf life of a Tea globe?

A: Tea globes have a long shelf life if they are stored properly. They can last from 6 months up to a year depending on the tea blend. During this time the Tea globes might change color or crystalize, but they are still good to use. No refrigeration necessary. 
Q: What is a Tea globe? 

A: A Tea globe is a hollow sugar globe that contains food grade glitter, flowers or dried fruits and herbs, and tea bag inside. When placed in hot water the sugar shell starts to melt releasing the contents inside. After approximately 5 minutes the sugar should be completely dissolved and the tea steeped. Give it a quick stir and enjoy. 
Q: Is the glitter in the Tea globes safe to drink?

A: Yes, the glitter used inside Tea globes are  FDA approved, vegan friendly, and safe for consumption. The food grade glitter does not change the taste or texture of the tea.
Q: How much hot water should I use to make a Tea globe?

A: About 8-10 ounces of hot water, use less water for sweeter and stronger tea or more water for less sweet tea.
Q: What if I want to drink it cold? Will it work in cold water?

A: Yes, but the Tea globe will take a long time to dissolve in cold water. If you want to enjoy the tea cold, you can make the Tea globe in hot water and then add ice after the sugar has melted or put it in the refrigerator for later. The Tea globes taste delicious hot or cold. 
Q: Can I still use a Tea globe if it breaks?

A: Yes, they taste the exact same even if they are broken. Just add the contents to some hot water and it will transform into a beautiful and tasty cup of tea. 

Q: What if the Tea globe doesn't dissolve all the way?

A: You can add more hot water to your cup and give it a few more minutes to dissolve. Make sure your water is hot enough for the sugar too dissolve.

Q: There's sugar stuck to the bottom of my cup what do I do to get it off?

A: No worries, just add water to the cup and let it soak until the sugar is gone. Hot water dissolves it faster.